Dimensions and weight wymiary

Length: 330 mm

Width: 88 mm

Height: 277 mm

Weight: 1580 g (printer with battery and full ink container, without power adapter and cable)

Get detailed dimensions (PDF)

Printer control

On printer LCD screen

Via web browser (EBS Web User Interface editor – for online and offline operation)


Wireless radio link, Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz

Range up to 100 m, depending on landform features

Interface languages available

English, German, Polish, Russian, Italian, Chinese

Other languages can be added easily.

Print parameters

Printout height from 11 to 57 mm

Height of object to be labeled from 39 mm to 115 mm

Number of text lines in one run: Up to 5 lines (for 5×5 dot text matrix)

Print lining – using multiple lines in one design: up to 10 printouts in one project (e.g. various contents in different places on an object)


32 nozzles

Standard nozzle diameter: 150μm

Optional: 120μm, 170μm, 200μm

Height of object to be labeled: from 39 mm to 115 mm.

Print synchronized with speed of lower guide roller


Amount of texts with print parameters is limited by printer memory – 2 GB, as standard

Special registers

Dynamically adjusted text content in response to an event or action

  • Date and time in any format
  • Valid thru datei
  • Counter:
    • Count up
    • Count down
    • Cascade counters
  • Bar codes
  • Data sent from external devices and computers (e.g. from databases)
Battery and Power

Estimated run time with battery fully charged

Up to 16 hours

Calculated for 60 printouts of 1 m in length, 550 dots/meter per hour, at about 20°C.

Power supply

Battery – 6 Li–Ion battery pack. Capacity: 4400 mAh

Automatic low-battery charge

Battery re-charging

Automatically with the power adapter DC 24V / 1.25 A

Charging time – under 300 minutes (< 5 h)

Charging cycles: 500 (a minimum of 70% of initial capacity)



Available in easily detachable containers

Available colors:

  • white
  • yellow
  • blue
  • green
  • red
  • black

Inks based on acetone, ethanol, MEK or water.

Capacity of ink container: 200 ml


Built-in TrueType fonts and EBS fonts in matrices: 32×24, 25×19, 16×10, 12×7, 7×5, 5×5, China11, China16

Graphics (logos, special characters)

Texts and graphic symbols can be edited and printed with True Type fonts and UTF-8 coded (for inclusion of regional alphabet characters).

Graphic symbols, warning or transport marks, etc. – free raster graphics up to 32 dots in height.


  • lines
  • ellipses
  • rectangles

Technical parameters

Position and attitude of printer in use: Any

Operating pressure: 0.015 MPa up to 0.045 MPa (0.15 bar up to 0.45 bar)

Operating temperature: from +5°C to +40°C

Storage temperature (over longer time):

  • From +1°C to +45°C for printer with water-based ink
  • From -10°C to +45°C for printer with inks based on MEK or ethanol

Humidity: up to 95% without steam condensation – for temperatures above dew point (it can operate when it rains, as long as printed surfaces are dry).


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