HANDJET® EBS-260 HANDJET® EBS-260 offers many options for printing.

Opcje drukowania

Sophisticated functions allow change in the direction and orientation of printing.

Printouts can be made from left-to-right and right-to-left, up-side-down and mirrored, as well as along curved lines.

These drawings are explanatory only and do not reflect real printouts fully

No need to restrict yourself to one line

Every project can contain even up to 5 lines of text (for a 5×5 dot matrix).

The multi-line

The multi-line function is another advantage, which enables you to set up to 10 subtexts with various contents as part of one project, whereby each subtext may contain up to even 5 lines of text. This can be used for printing varying texts in different places on an object.


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