HANDJET® EBS-260 is a fully mobile device.

The printer can be managed remotely via WiFi. Bluetooth technology allows for wireless transfer of data for printing, and a USB port allows for fast exchange, copying and archiving of printer files as well as updating the printer software.

The WiFi connection allows for creation of a multi-printer network that can be managed from one computer.

This enables for the speedy transfer of a multitude of printing projects between computer and printer; or between printers, and remote computer editing of projects stored in printer memory with a user-friendly and convenient text editor, as well as wireless installation of printer software. All of which facilitate remote control of the printer status, battery level, and allow for switching off the printer.

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Bluetooth technology allows for wireless data transfer between the printer and other Bluetooth-equipped devices, such as barcode scanners, scales, industrial robots, cell phones, computers and tablets.

Transmitted data can be printed immediately, or used to select content for printing. But also, the data can be being modified in the printer, after transfer, and before printing.

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  • 1. Scan

  • 2. Send to printer

  • 3. Print

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  • 1. Scan

  • 2. Send to printer

  • 3. Processed by printer

  • 4. Print


A USB port allows for fast transfer and archiving of projects (by data import/export), for copying of large quantities of graphics and fonts – as well as for instant replacement of printer software.


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