The HANDJET® EBS 260 printer uses a wide selection of quick-drying inks.

Our dye-based and pigmented inks are made on the basis of:



Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)


The HANDJET® EBS 260 printer uses a wide selection of quick-drying dye-based and pigmented inks, which are made on the basis of ethanol, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) and water.

The inks are available soon in various colors, including black, red, white, yellow, blue, which ensure good contrast on light and dark surfaces.

Also special ink types are available. Such inks are:

  • resistant to a temperature of up to 250ºC over a maximum of 40 s – for printing on hot objects,
  • certified as fit for contact with food, for direct printing on food and foodstuff products (water and ethanol based inks),
  • highly resistant to UV radiation

Most inks are multi-purpose, that is; they can be printed on a variety of surfaces. There are also special purpose inks available, e.g. for printing on concrete or inks that are mostly resistant to deterioration when exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

You can find all available inks and ink applications in the following spreadsheet.


Universal ink for almost all surfaces, heat-proof up to 250° for up to 40 sec.

… more inks upon request


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